Sunday, August 9, 2009

BBMP Elections are coming and Vote U Must

Let us create a better society - It is our money, it is our street and it is our area - we want infrastructure according to our needs - let us tell the authorities that they should not cook and serve us what they want but with our money, provide us with what we want to eat. For this we need to develop a vibrant civil society by being proactive.

Let us do it.

VOTE WE MUST - Let us create history with maximum voting. Time to create a change and we must be the change we want to see.

In the last Lok Sabha Elections 2009, hardly 55 to 60 per cent of those eligible to vote exercised their franchise. What happened to the rest is a moot question. They simply did not bother to vote and they thought - 'my vote does not count' and 'none of these candidates deserve my vote' because all of them are 'chips of the old block' and we will continue to be 'like that only'.

How long we should continue with such stale thoughts? When will we ever improve? Isn't it time to create a better society with high degree of participatory democracy? Let us think holistically and develop a sense of responsibility to improve our society; otherwise, we will be leaving a legacy of corrupt society to our future generations.

Show this time you are an awakened citizen and say : we want what we want and all these days you neither gave us what we want nor what you should have given. From now onwards it is we, who will tell you what to do.

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

Saturday, April 18, 2009



    Wave of awareness: There is a National wave of awakening among the masses during this Lok Sabha elections in April/May 2009. Voters appear to have made up their mind to teach a lesson to the politicians who have time and again failed to live up to their expectations but have the arrogance to indulge themselves in nefarious activities to further their own ends and means; for the lure of the lucre or for remaining in power, they have betrayed their parent body that had nursed and nurtured them into political reckoning but have, in an unabashed manner, become jumping jacks. This kind of luring elected members from one party to another through ‘operations’ has resulted in people becoming sick of the irrational behavior of certain people who have shown scant respect for the sacred democratic system that is governing the country. The day of reckoning has come for such people. This disgust is gathering momentum; the wave is attaining a gale force and is expected to hit such unscrupulous power mongers and hate creators so that they will learn a lesson or two for having indulged in such behavior. The Election Commission has reported that their offices through out the country have received tens of thousands of applications for enlisting the names by prospective voters. This is very good news augurs well and is a positive indication for a majority voters rule.
Need for a Stability as a Nation: India is passing through a lot of troubled times; terrorism, economic recession, internal unrest through hate mongering, playing on the communal, emotional and sentimental feelings of the gullible people in the name of religion and gods. This does not augur well for India and its efforts to take India to the level of super power in the world. We do not have to become victims of such game plans and must nip such acts in the bud since the greatest achievement of India – unit in diversity – is being threatened and certain leaders and parties are trying their level best to breach the wall of peaceful and harmonious living conditions that have always been the proud hallmark of the people of India.
Proactive citizens: Every citizen should become a force to reckon with, be proactive, exercise his franchise without fear or favor and herald a secular and stable government at the center so that all of us can live peacefully and in a harmonious environment. We do not want a society that is vertically or horizontally split on communal lines, we do not want a ‘hate one another syndrome’, we do not want to be haunted by various kinds of –isms. Even before the election results are announced, certain parties have unleashed the draconian hidden agenda of hatred-ness and communal bias. This has sent a chill down the spines of people belonging to different communities and they just know what to do to stop such anti-people policies. Pseudo secularism or nepotism are not the need of the hour, we need to live in a real secular world and we have lived without hate and bloodshed or personal attacks based on extreme jingoisms.
Peaceful and green world: We need food, shelter and basic infrastructure. Indians have that uncanny ability to stem the rot whenever it has set in and to bounce back as a vibrant democracy. We need to think in a holistic manner and exercise our franchise without fear or favor for taking India further as a force to reckon with in international forums and not as a weak country riddled with communal hatred-ness against each other.
It is now or never:
- Vote for safety and secularism;
- Vote for peace;
- Vote for stability;
- Vote for harmonious coexistence of all people of this greatest living democracy in the world.

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath, Mysoru